Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Hello my dear friends and family,

I have arrived in Dublin!! My bus arrived in the city centre just as the sun was rising over the River Liffey. I was so thrilled to FINALLY be here...however, the people of Dublin were not as enthusiastic (at 7:30am on a Tuesday) about my first day on/in my adventure/Dublin. Strange, I know! I have to be honest, though I know Dublin is a huge metropolis...I was still expecting a town like the village in The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara...only with buses, college students, and power walkers. Again, the power walkers were not as thrilled to greet me this morning as I was to them. It didn't stop this Texas from saying "Mornin'!" Picture when Buddy the Elf first goes to NYC to find his dad, and he's hopping around the city eating "free candy", running from cars, and alienating all of the locals...then insert me in his place, Dublin-style - and you've got the visual.
I have calmed down a bit now that it is 9:30am here and the internet cafes are finally open...until now I have been smiling at bystanders on their way to work as sat and finished my latte near a fountain dedicated to (insert Irish hero for the workers of Ireland here)...there are a lot, I have found.

Good morning, Dublin! 

 The only person this morning that was excited for my first day was the baristo (masculine barista) at Starbucks who let me gush a bit, spin around in the store, and giggle with early morning glee.

This cool looking building is the local government building and environment...place-thingy. It's early people, me don't read signs good pre-coffee.

First impressions:
1. Safety gear: everyone is decked out in reflective clothing
2. again, people DO "look Irish"
3. It's difficult not to make all of the jokes and obvious references that my father would make if he were here with me...partly because I would love for all of my family to be here with me and it makes me feel like they are here in spirit, and also because I'm his daughter and it's in my DNA to have inappropriate outburts for my entertainment only. Love you, Daddykins.
4. Smoking everywhere, smoking on the way to the gym, smoking while driving/walking with children. 
5. If I took a shot of Jameson every time I saw a person of color...I would be only slightly tipsy.

My feelings before my flight were not what I expected. I was anxious and second guessing myself. I was worrying about everything that could possibly go wrong, or things that I might not have planned ahead of time. I realize I am good at being independent, but I suddenly felt very alone. The good news is: I'm prepared for these feelings. Rick Steves (my geek travel guru) wrote about this, and how to combat these lulls. It's about finding beauty in all of the differences between the my home and this new place and embracing the chaotic and unexpected. Cheesy section: I have to remember that all of you believed in me and this crazy dream of mine, and that if I don't embrace every millisecond...not only will I regret this, but I will have some disappointed supporters. I'm so lucky to be here and to have this opportunity (cheesy, but true). Some people never get to experience this, and no matter what happens along this trip...I know I will arrive back in the US a different person (in a good way, obviously). Again, I would not be able to fulfill this dream of mine without all of my loved ones. Thank you from the bottom of my anxious, ridiculously thrilled heart! I carry you all with me in my back-a-mah-sack :)

Well, I'm going to go get some third breakfast (plane food = no bueno). I'll write more later. Tonight, I am going salsa dancing with a friend of a friend. How many people can say that they have salsa danced...in Dublin? Cheers! Oh yeah, and welcome to my Euro-hobo blog :)

With immense love,


  1. This post made me smile. :) I hope you have a fantastic trip! Your blog is in my Google Reader so I won't miss a second of it!

  2. Wahoo! So glad you've arrived & are on your way to an exciting time of exploration & learning & fun & "ah-ha's!" & fabulous times. Take it all in. Enjoy to the max. Check out everything that you've heard about in each venue. Take tons of pictures. I still look at mine & smile & am flooded with memories! You will never regret your decision to go and your work in making this happen. Kudos & much love. RoRo

  3. Welcome to Europe! You're officially a hobo (though in France it is L'hobo).

    Have a blast, take lots of photos, and drink lustily. Mention your hatred for the Brits to really get in good with the Irish.

  4. See you Thursday! We'll play spot-the-minority in Scotland. It's only slightly less-challenging than Dublin.

  5. We believe in you and love you!!! Matt and Rocco have a river dance routine choreographed for our first skype date! And, you should know, I intend to follow your blog with a nightly happy hour involving the drink inspired by your current location...or vodka...as a default.

  6. I am so proud of you and...EXTREMELY JEALOUS!! Your blog makes me smile. Can't wait to hear more! xoxo